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Checklist for creating vacation packages


  1. What time of year do you want to increase your hotel's occupancy?
  2. What services is your hotel particularly good at?
  3. Does your hotel have a clearly defined USP (unique selling proposition)?
  4. What makes you different from your competitors?
  5. Do you know why guests especially like booking with you?

Evaluation of potential 

  1. What's special in your area? Please gather ideas that go well beyond the obvious attractions.
  2. Which other companies are offering services in your area for tourists?
  3. What annual events are there nearby?
  4. What attractions are there in your area that local people like to go to? 
  5. Is there an interesting local companies with which you could cooperate (for example a chocolate factory, a pony farm, ...)?
  6. What do your competitors offer?

Target groups

  1. Which target groups would you like to address? Families, people who like sports, seniors, adventurers, hikers, nature enthusiasts, art lovers, ....
  2. Do you want to focus on individuals or groups?
  3. Do you want to address Swiss tourists or people from all over the world? Are you targeting specific languages?
  4. Do these new target groups go together with your existing guests?
You can download this checklist as a PDF.

Image: Vercasca valley