Best Price Guarantee

Hotels with this button guarantee the best price when booking directly with the hotel*

This applies to

  • same booking date
  • same arrival and departure dates
  • same meal plan
  • same additional services
  • same room type
  • same cancellation policy
  • same payment conditions
  • same details on currency and taxes

* Direct booking means that a booking did not have a third party (such as a booking platform) involved but was done directly with the hotel - either through the hotel website, by email or phone. You will find those contact details on the hotel detail page.

Additional benefits when booking directly
Many hotels will grant additional benefits to guests who book directly with the hotel. This may be the free parking, late checkout, a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, free use of an electric bicycle, ... or else. These benefits are marked with this sign on matterhorn.ch: \

8 more reasons how you can benefit from booking directly with the hotel